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All the Things I Never Did - Restless Heart
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All the Things
I Never Did

I used to be scared of everything and held myself back from doing things because of fear and anxiety. I feel I really missed out on all those things I never did but wanted to. Until one day I hopped on my first ever plane flight and flew to literally “the middle of nowhere”, where I knew nobody, to start a new job doing something I’d never done before. My life has changed a lot since then and people tell me now, “You’re so brave, how are you not afraid to do that?” The truth is I am still afraid, but now I do it anyway and the more I do, the more I realize that it’s not as scary as I thought. Yet sometimes I still have moments where I forget what I have done and feel like I can’t do something, especially when facing a new challenge, opportunity or big step. These posts are little reminders to myself of the all the things I did and that I am capable of doing more as I face new but welcome changes in my life. And I hope they will inspire you to do what you’re afraid of too.
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