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Update: I Moved to Ireland! - Restless Heart
I moved to Ireland with my dog
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Update: I Moved to Ireland!

It’s been a long time since I’ve last written and it’s because I had a big life change taking up all my time and energy and it is … I decided to move to Ireland!


After visiting Ireland last fall, I really fell in love with the music, the green and rugged scenery, the pub culture, the history, and the warm friendly people. I felt that this was a city I could really feel at home in. I’d always dreamed of living in Europe and getting to see as much of it as possible. With cheap flights out Ireland is a great base to see the rest of Europe. Since I hadn’t really settled down anywhere in Canada after finishing up 4 years of teaching in the subarctic, I was free to relocate from and explore living on a new continent. I did a little research and discovered I wasn’t too old to apply for a working holiday visa that would allow me to live and work in Ireland for two years, so I thought why not? I decided to move to Ireland!


I’ve spent the last few months applying for and receiving my visa, getting myself ready to move to a new continent, getting my dog ready to travel internationally for the first time, looking for good flight deals for both of us plus researching the best airlines for travel with a pet, setting up a job before I left and scoping out/learning about neighbourhoods in Dublin and looking for a place to live. Then last month, I packed up everything into 3 suitcases (I may travel light, but I don’t move light) and Buddy and I got onto a flight from Canada to Europe to begin our move to Ireland. We flew to Amsterdam and then made our way over to Ireland via train, bus and ferry through the Netherlands and England, this is a little trick to avoid the strict (and costly) pet importation rules for pets that Ireland and the UK have which I’ll be writing more about.



Buddy and I ready to move to Ireland

Waiting at the airport with Buddy for our move to Ireland to begin!

Now we are finally here and our new adventure begins! I’ll be writing in the upcoming weeks about how I was able to make this happen, the process of relocating abroad, how to bring your dog to Europe and what the experience of traveling with a larger sized dog in Europe is like, plus how our move to Ireland is going.

Follow along as we get used to the new job, new words, new foods, new friends, new smells in our new city!

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