5 Magic Mushroom Trip Levels

Magic Mushroom Trip

Psychedelics are probably the most controversial class of drugs, since many users are convinced that they turn their minds around and divide life into before and after.

If we talk specifically about magic mushrooms, then they have more than a thousand-year history of use.  Chronicles say that back in the 16th century, Indian shamans used fruit bodies for spiritual practices, communication with the spirits of ancestors, the foresight of the future, and the healing of fellow tribesmen.

That is, humanity initially perceived mushrooms as a way to expand consciousness and self-knowledge.

Recent scientific research demonstrates to the layperson that all substances that make up the group of psychedelics can positively affect neurological processes, such as depression and anxiety, help people with memory and learning problems, who are in a creative and emotional crisis, and also, due to active production of serotonin reduces the pain level of cancer patients. 

Although fans of magic trips already know this.

One of the most popular in this category is psilocybin shrooms. This is not surprising, since the product is the most organic for your body and brain in every possible sense.

We won’t be mistaken if say that you want to try this iconic way to know yourself and heal yourself, but the fear of the unknown stops you?

Let’s figure out together what levels of a mushroom trip exist so that you don’t plunge into darkness without any support under your feet. 

It should be said right away that the description of such an experience is often quite subjective and depends on a specific individual. However, according to experienced tourists, we can observe the following stages of immersion, which we can compare with different rates in music in terms of the degree of acceleration from stage to stage:

Level one – Largo (wide)

The body relaxes as if you are high. Perceptual effects change slowly and gradually. Colors begin to separate by hue and mid-tones, the brightness of the picture increases. The music starts to sound wider than before. You become more friendly and open in communication. There is a slight loss of control and short-term memory. Perfect condition for parties and get-togethers with friends in a cozy and pleasant place.

Level two – Andante (calm)

Complete relaxation of muscles with continuous, but chaotic work of the brain, which allows the traveler to raise unexpected topics of conversation, make unexpected logical chains, and create a new philosophy of life.

As for color, the perception is sharpened even more and goes beyond the scope of what surrounds a person.  Closing your eyes, you will most likely see simple outlines of drawings and geometric shapes.

Time starts to stretch me like chewing gum.

Among all the other mushroom trip levels, this one is the most conducive to creativity, thanks to the appearance of images from childhood, colorfulness, and ideas for embodiment.

Level three – Allegretto (lively) 

The general condition can be described in one word – trance.

The moment, the intense visual hallucinations and the very fractal patterns that many have heard of appear before the eyes. Pictures acquire the ability to move and creep along the surface of walls, beds, faces of others, etc. 

The current of time turns into an hourglass, where a long interval passes between the fall of each particle, a feeling of timelessness arises. The immersion stage is especially interesting because you can personally observe how synesthetic feel, claiming that each color and smell has its melody, and each sound has its visual series.

Among other levels, this one is most suitable for meditation.

Level four – Vivo (vividly) 

Very strong hallucinations, reminiscent of scenes from famous films, however, the researchers note that the genetic code is mostly responsible for the features of the animated pictures.

If you, after all the previous magic mushroom trip levels, still decide to try to get to this stage, then at first you may be frightened that the hallucinations will not be stable, endlessly turning into each other and talking to you.

Consciousness seems to be splitting into two halves, with one part professing one opinion, and the second one may speak out for the opposite point of view.  This is due to some kind of ego disintegration at this stage.

Most likely, shamans mainly carried out their practices at the 4th level, since they often noted that they were able to leave the body.  They meant a specific sensation that appears at this stage. However, at this level, other mystical and extrasensory phenomena can also be observed. Reality and time cease to be felt.

Level five – Prestissimo (by leaps and bounds) 

A person can experience a powerful spiritual phenomenon called Satori, consisting of enlightenment, enlightenment, and awakening. The ability to perceive the visual component of reality is lost. Feelings take on a new level. 

The concepts of time finally cease to make sense, since the past, present, and future turn into a single substance and a person is in all his hypostases at the same time. The ego disappears, which makes a person simultaneously all objects in the Universe – both a cosmic particle, and an ocean, and another, and concepts, and himself.

Explanations no longer work at this stage, it is so mysterious that even the most seasoned travelers cannot explain it. Although other stages are also suitable for reevaluating the personality and changing the picture of the world to a radically different one, you still cannot think of a better depth of immersion for a complete revolution of consciousness.

The perfect one of different levels of the mushroom trip for introspection.


 If you are an absolute beginner in magical tourism, and you are simply interested in the stories of friends, then choose 1 or 2 immersion levels.

The rest of the levels can change the personality structure dramatically, so try minimal immersion first.  In imagery, try the water temperature first and go into the water ankle-deep, rather than diving headlong. It is also worth thinking about choosing a place with complete comfort, as an unexpected reaction to hallucinations may occur, and interaction with the outside world will be complicated.

In addition, the legal status of psychedelics varies from place to place.  Therefore, to try it, you need appropriate knowledge to avoid any legal action.  Remember, it’s always best to play it safe and then enjoy the different manifestations by trying psychedelics.