How To Make Shroom Gummies?

Shroom Gummies

Are you tired of drinking mushroom tea, making smoothies and soup? Or maybe you are interested in being a chef? Well, the moment has come when it’s time to learn how to cook magic in extraordinary ways, namely by making delicious culinary masterpieces from the category of shroom edibles.

By themselves, psychedelic plants are not the ultimate dream in terms of taste. They somewhat resemble mud and swamp even in smell. Therefore, brewing a tea drink from them is not the best way to eat shrooms.

For this reason, we will resort to the trick of masking the unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth with sweet additives.

What are psychedelic gummies?

Perhaps you do not understand this, because this is quite a niche and narrowly specialized knowledge on the verge of cooking and love of hallucinogens.
So, such gummies are special sweets reminiscent of jelly, only thicker inconsistency. This recipe is also attractive because if something happens, you can easily dissolve the candy in warm water and get a liquid containing immediately decomposed psilocybin called psilocin. It should work much faster, and the effects will come sooner.

Benefits of the recipe for making magic mushroom gummies:

1) Simplicity;

There is nothing complicated in the preparation of sweets. And soon, you will be convinced of this.

2) You choose the scent;

This is very important, as it adds a lot of pleasant moments associated with the use. Along with a pleasing scent comes a light, relaxing mood.

3) The ability to taste mushrooms for problems with the digestive system;

Due to the smooth taste inherent in plants, many people experience the unpleasant sensations of nausea and dry mouth when taken. This will prevent a bad trip or a few very unpleasant hours of waiting for you to feel better.

4) The opportunity to treat friends at an impromptu party;

If your guests share your love of experimentation, then they will be delighted with such an unusual snack. It’s about as cool as making and serving herb cupcakes yourself.

5) An easy option for microdosing.

You can calculate the dosage you need at one time and make candy, taking this parameter into account.

How to make magic mushroom gummies?

To save you time, we will move on to the recipe after a few clarifications.
But first, some critical notes on what not to do when making shroom gummies:
• Do not heat the mixture while cooking over 100 degrees. The temperature at which magic plants lose all their properties is about 137 degrees. Therefore, just in case, do not boil the water. However, our recipe does not require this, so it is entirely safe for you. But still, be careful.

1) Silicone mold;

Even a regular ice cube tray is ideal. There are even unusual, marvelous molds where the frozen product takes the form of a star, phone, flower, etc.
It is also necessary to determine how much liquid can be poured there. Otherwise, one copy may not be enough for you.
Calculate the number of gummies based on the empty spaces in the mold.

2) Magic supplement;

Its amount should be used considering that one gummy should contain about 0.017 ounces (0.5 grams) of the product, since more you will not fit into one gap, and a smaller amount is already for those engaged in microdosing. In the latter case, dispense 0.003 ounces (0.1 gram) of product.
It will help if you grind them to a powder in a coffee grinder.

3) Gauze;
4) Jelly in a 3-ounce sachet;
5) Gelatin – 1 pack;
6) Purified Warm Water – 3.5 oz.;
7) Heart of lemon or lime;
8) Citric acid.

Recipe step by step:

1) Pour the powder into a glass or cup; pour the warm but not hot water above. If the liquid does not entirely cover the powder, add more.
2) Stir the mixture and set aside for a quarter of an hour.
3) Wipe the mold with oil. You can non-stick. This is the only way they will not break apart in their hands.
4) Filter the mixture through a cheesecloth, separating the powder from the liquid.
5) Mix gelatin, jelly, and citrus hearts separately.
6) Add psilocybin liquid to the mixture. Stir very well. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
7) Preheat the mixture in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Then whisk.
8) Pour into molds and refrigerate.

We hope that it will be easier for you to experiment with our recipe. Good luck with your travels!

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