Is It Possible to Mix Weed And Shrooms?

Mix Weed And Shrooms

While shrooms and weed are very similar in some of the effects they produce, they are very different. Both substances inspire happiness and joy and generally elevate a person to a state of euphoria. Hyperbolized perception of the beauty of art and nature is also one of the positive effects of using these substances. At the same time, cannabis and shrooms can awaken inner demons and secret thoughts, in other words, reveal the dark side of a person, which can turn the experience of use into a bad one.

It is very important to be able to properly combine these two substances to avoid the idea that shrooms and weed don’t go together. The main thing – the right proportions. The combination of weed and shrooms should enhance the effect of both substances, but in practice one of the substances will still simply enhance the other. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what to use at first, and what later.

What to take first? 

If you use weed at the beginning, it is important to know which one. Sativa will give more energy, while indica will provide a greater effect of relaxation. If you use cannabis before eating shrooms, the effect will be calmer. If, on the contrary, you eat shrooms first, and cannabis at the end, it can prolong the effect of shrooms, give a feeling of complete shutdown, enhance relaxation and psychedelic effects. In general, it is believed that you should always eat shrooms first, and later cannabis – so the experience will last longer and the impressions will be brighter.

Tips if you are not sure about mixing shrooms and weed. 

 If you are worried about how to mix substances, take a small portion of shrooms, and then in the process add weed. In case the experience of shrooms takes you to very far corners of the subconscious, weed can be used as an emollient – it will bring you back to reality if you use weed shortly after taking shrooms.

How to provide the best experience of mixing weed and shrooms?

The most effective way to mix weed and magic shrooms is to smoke the weed when you’re done eating the shrooms, preferably 4 hours after you’re done with the trip. If you plan on smoking cannabis an hour after your trip, cannabis has the potential to bring shroom psychoactivity back to life and could force you to take another hour’s trip.

It should be noted that the consumption method ultimately plays a decisive role in determining the levels of effects. Mixing cannabis and shrooms, especially if it is your first experience of mixing two components, should start with weed edible and shrooms so that you only eat the substances. It is important to emphasize that these effects are most enjoyable for users who are accustomed to the effects of cannabis and shrooms separately. Please, always stay safe and find a comfortable environment to use weed and shrooms so that your experience will be the best.

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